First week Challenge | Case Study

The campaign was a rousing success for the brand and for consumers.

First Week Challenge | Broadcast

The campaign was so successful, the client received additional funding to leverage the platform on TV and online video.

150% more likely to quit for good | Broadcast

Are you ready to do something incredible? We know that quitting smoking can be tough, but we're here to support you each step of that incredible journey. Use Nicorette QuickMist for fast craving relief**. Take part in Nicorette First Week Challenge! Nicorette is here to support you through the toughest first week. Nicorette® Quickmist relieves cravings after just 60 seconds**. Try Nicorette Quickmist and make nicotine cravings a thing of the past. Nicorette contains nicotine. Stop smoking aid. Requires willpower. Always read the label. *compared to willpower alone **based on a 2x1mg dose

First Week Challenge | Quebec, Canada| Nicorette®

The First Week Challenge was designed to motivate patients to start on their quit journey by focusing on one small goal: 1 week. Withdrawal symptoms and cravings are at their strongest during the first week, which makes this week the most challenging. But, by having a plan in place to get patients through this crucial week, you can increase their chances to quit for good by 9X.

First Week Challenge | Australia | Nicorette®

Welcome to the NICORETTE® First Week Challenge. We believe that quitting is one of the most amazing things you can ever do, but we know that it’s also one of the most difficult. Throughout the NICORETTE® First Week Challenge we will work together to get you through that crucial first week and quit for good. Why is the first week so important? BECAUSE IF YOU'RE SUCCESSFUL FOR THE FIRST WEEK, YOU'RE 9X MORE LIKELY TO QUIT FOR GOOD.*#

*compared against those smokers who were not abstinent in week 1 as part of an abrupt quit attempt. #P. Tonnesen, Eur Respir J 1999: 13: 238-246

Are you ready for the First Week Challenge? | NICORETTE®


First Week Challenge | Ontario, Canada | Nicorette®

Nicorette® First Week Challenge (Ontario, Canada)