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Getting to Know Your Audience

Once you know the ins and outs of what makes your audience tick, you can learn to reach them when and how it’s best for them.

Baby Got Backlinks 

If you’re looking to raise your site’s search engine rankings and increase site traffic, consider learning the art of building links. A little well executed link building, you see, enhances your digital reputation and makes it more likely that people will find your site.

Leveraging B2B on LinkedIn

Yes, LinkedIn is a search engine. Yes, people use it for job searches. But did you know it’s a leading source for B2B marketing opportunities? Thought leaders and companies worldwide leverage LinkedIn for quality, usable leads — and you can, too. The key is to alter your content to align with LinkedIn.

How Video Can Supercharge Your Brand

It can be challenging to continually develop new video ideas, so here’s a roadmap for you to get on the video bandwagon. The goal is for you to keep creating and posting fun, engaging new videos so that you can keep reaching – and, more importantly, connecting with – more and more customers. Feel free to have fun and let your personalities shine. Video marketing is a necessity, so you might as well have fun during the process.

Interpreting the (Sometimes Confusing) World of Google SEO Updates

Google often releases minor and major updates to continually improve the search experience for its billions of daily users. These updates, which sometimes result in site traffic drops, can be tricky to navigate. The folks at Google want to protect searchers against high-fluff sites and help people find what they need faster. But here’s the thing: Sites that already contain quality “meaty” content won’t have issues with Google updates. Here are some tips to keep your site running at full steam through big and small Google updates:

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